Proper stormwater management!

Improper stormwater management!

Storm water management and maintenance are crucial pieces to keeping your home safe from issues such as soil erosion and drainage issues. Whether your project is currently under construction, or you want to maintain best management practices for your home- we can propose solutions to your storm water needs.
Daniel and Ken are QSP (qualified SWPPP practitioners) and QSD (qualified SWPPP developers). They are able to prepare all Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and manage your construction project.  If your construction project disturbs over 1 acre of land, the state of California requires you to have QSP/QSD to ensure best management practices are being followed on your construction site.
Hogan Land Services offers comprehensive storm water management planning, drainage design, hydraulic analysis and site design.  Our mission is to create an environmentally conscious design through quality engineering.  ​

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